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Take good care of your baby and better care of your documents

Had to give some bad news this morning and got this response, "My laptop can't be broken. I've dropped it many times before this." It only takes one good bump at the right (wrong) angle to damage a PC. Mechanical hard drives have a needle that floats above them like a record player and a…
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Pre-Paid Remote Support!

Pre-Paid Remote Support! Available now: Pre-paid blocks of time for remote repairs - $30 for 30 mins (or $25 for Constant Care subscribers). Usage is done in 5 min increments.   Currently, remote repairs are billed at $60/hr with a half-hour minimum which is more cost-efficient than a full on-site service call would be. However,…
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Facebook scams are still huge.

Facebook scams are still huge. I'm seeing so many of these lately where somebody sees some giveaway and, without thinking about how unbelievably too-good the offer is, clicks Like or Share. Here's some tips on how to recognize these scammers: MOST giveaways on Facebook are scams.  Unless it's a very local company like a restaurant…
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Gmail+Chrome users on XP/Vista are in for some hard times.

Gmail+Chrome users on XP/Vista are in for some hard times. Google Chrome stopped supporting XP/Vista several months ago.  You could continue to run an older version of Chrome even though not running a current browser would leave you at risk to its security flaws.  (Note: Version 53 is the last supported version for XP/Vista.  You…
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