"But it's just a little problem."

Remote Care is an option we provide to customers with two big advantages -- you don't need to unplug your system and bring it to us and, since there is no travel time or gas expense, it's less expensive for you.  Also, while service calls are billed at a 1-hr minimum, remote care is only a 1/2hr minimum.  So, for more basic issues, it can be much more cost effective.

Also, we've added a new option:  A 30-minute support package (6x5mins) for $30 (or $25 for Constant Care subscribers).  Got a quick fix?  Get that time taken off your package and have more left for future issues!

Generally speaking, if you can still pull up a webpage, we can provide Remote Care...and if you've been set up ahead of time for remote access, you may only need to make sure your PC is on/awake.  Many customers are set up, with their permission, for unattended access so they just need to call and arrange a time.  Others can be sent to our RemoteCare.ca site for an as-needed session (but some users who have never manually typed in a site may find this difficult).

Clients regularly ask for help with their email issues, browser problems, trouble with settings  and so on.

If you have arranged or would like to arrange a remote session, go to RemoteCare.ca.  It is recommended that you've already called or emailed so that we have a clear understanding of what the problem is.