Eric (sic) is very knowledgeable person when it comes to computers. I recently had my laptop hard drive damaged to the point that I couldn't start my computer up. I told him the issue over the phone and got right to it telling me, whats possibly might have gone on, what he's gonna do, and what it's gonna cost (if this works and if it doesn't).

So I take the 4 bus, go in, drop it off (Its the side door btw guys). He's a very very friendly guy; He's got great customer service (his dogs hahaha) and I tell him the problem, he tells me exactly what he's doing and what he's gonna do and so I go on my way. The one thing that stood out is that, Prompt Care was able to notify me of what was going on with the computer such as when he's cloning, installing new drives, possibilities with upgrades (got me a 750gb harddrive for 85, including installation so not bad deal), and how updating software goes. Anything you the customer are not ok with, he'll stop with. He keeps you notified of where the repair status is up and where upgrades are possible along the way (by which he doesn't try to slam down your ears like a sales man at other major repair places. nor rip you off as i got a better 750gb harddrive for 85 (installation included..the drive itself is around 80 bucks).

When I went to go pick it up, he provided me with settings and gave me my old parts and told me you can still try to get data recovery (as he simply cloned the data for me). He also openly discussed methods of preventing hard disk errors such as, setting of sleep vs hibernate and laptop cooling pads. He doesn't offer them at his location though he does sugguest price ranges you should aim for and what to look for. He not only fixes problems but is willing to educate ways to prevent the damage from occurring again. Honestly Prompt Care gives computer repair a new standard to par with. I highly advise this man if you're a Brock/'Broke' student - I saved 50 bucks in comparison to other repair shops doing the same thing.
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Jason E.,

Xander provides a reliable service and can look after all personal computing issues. Plus he gives advice regarding better management of your computer and data protection. I have used his service for four or five times now.
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Christine Pierre-Louis, Retired

Prompt Care has been the best computer service all around that I've ever received. It was indeed prompt, my computer was actually fixed sooner than expected, and indeed caring as the tech took the time to patiently explain all issues to me, a person with very little computer savvy. Great customer and computer service.
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Xander provides a service that is second to none. I have just purchased a new computer and I knew, from the support that he has provided on my previous computer, that Xander would set up my computer properly and provide all of the necessary programs that would ensure that my computer will continue to work smoothly. Now I can rest easy knowing that no malicious viruses or spyware will affect my ability to work and play as I wish. Extraordinary service at a very reasonable price!!
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Joe E.,