What We Do

  • Online Anonymity

    New internet laws concerning downloading materials went into effect January 1st (Global News article) The short form is that it will be easier to be caught but the flipside is the maximum fine is $5000. I value my privacy so have found an alternative. I'm liking the security so much that I've signed up as an affiliate: http://vpn.promptcare.ca I paid 

  • General Diagnostics & Repairs

    This is the "catch-all" category of what we do. ¬†From "Why is my computer doing this?" to "It's so slow now. Can you help?" (Yes, we can) Some problems are less straightforward than others so it's a matter of tracking down the cause(s) so some good ol' general diagnostics come into play -- figuring out if the problem is caused 

  • On-Site Service

    For our first ten years of business, we were called "Housecalls". Coming to you was all we did. When the business name changed to "Prompt Care", that didn't stop; we just found ways to serve your needs better. If you're having issues with your internet or printer or ... whatever, you may need on-site service to best remedy the situation. 

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