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The 11 Worst Internet Scams We’re Still Falling For

Hard to believe that there are still people falling for the Nigerian Prince scam but...there are. The entire list is worth a read, or at least a skim if you think you're fairly savvy but #10 is the one that his closest to home: 10. The false “infection detected” scam You’re on the Web, when…
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Still using AVG? Time to rethink that.

AVG used to be top dog amongst the free AVs.  Not because it was the best but simply because it was well-known.  Over the years, it has become more bloated and has become less and less effective at detecting viruses - it's only purpose for existing. In a recent comparative, AVG dropped the ball big time, missing…
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Let’s do a special! Rest of October – Tuneups $49 ($10 off)

Basic tuneup/cleanups are $59 normally but, why not, for the rest of October, they're only $49.  While it's on the workbench, it will be cleaned up, blown out, updated, tweaked, and massaged  :)  And, for good measure, a full hardware diagnostic, top to bottom. In most cases, the PC can be ready for you within…
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