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Opt-out of Google’s ads

You may or may not have heard but Google is planning to incorporate users info into their ads. Obviously, they are getting some negative feedback about this, and rightly so. To OPT-OUT, click the link below and, even if the checkbox at the bottom of the page is unchecked, I would recommend using the Save…
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Constant Care saved the day

At the risk of tooting my business' horn, my "Constant Care" program has saved two PCs' data in the last two weeks. Both were coming up with "bad block" hard drive errors so I alerted each owner to the messages and advised them to back up their data right away. ONE HARD DRIVE DIED TWO…
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MS Office is not -part- of Windows

As I've had two email questions this week that both touched on this, let me clarify: Microsoft Office (Word+Excel+Powerpoint) is a commercial product and has never been "free on the internet". It has also never been a part of Windows. It might have come with your computer but that's the manufacturer (Dell/HP/etc) including it in…
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