No posts for a long time. Stupid pandemic.

But there's also not been a lot of news in the tech world that I thought the Average Joe would find interesting. Found one today though. I use Chrome most of the time and I'm always getting the warning that passwords on some site had been compromised. It's a pain to follow through on the changing password stuff but, depending on the site's value/usefulness to me, I'll do it.

Google, though, is working on a process where Chrome will take of that automatically. I already use the 'save my password' in my Google account and its password generator often enough so I assume this would simply go through the steps necessary to replace whatever password I had with a fully randomized one. Sounds good. Only problem would be the few websites where I might need to actually know the password (e.g. logging in elsewhere) so those sites I would have to make sure it's set to something memorable. Still, for the hundreds of other sites where I don't, this might be a boon!

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