Services We Offer to You


Onsite Services

Some jobs need to be done on-site. If you’re having issues with your wifi, you can’t reasonably bring in everything to us … so we come to you.

Virus Removal

Got tricked into doing that "Flash" update?  Pages suddenly filled with ads?  PC now playing mysterious audio ads?  We can clean all that up AND, while it's on the workbench, we give every infected system a full cleanup, update, and tuneup.  The works, top to bottom.

Data Recovery

Losing your photos and documents is a real danger.  If your system has crashed or hard drive locked up, call us to get the ball rolling to recover your data.

Remote Care

You might be surprised how many problems can be resolved without you having to unplug your system or bring someone into your home.

Software Sales

Prompt Care does no hardware sales  so you can trust that when we say your hard drive needs replacing that we're not looking to move some stock.
However, after a plague of infections in 2011, we began selling antivirus and antimalware softwares.