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Google to pause Flash ads in Chrome soon

Starting next week, Google Chrome will put a pause on Flash ads that load up in webpages that you visit. The reasons are two-fold:  firstly, to enhance browser speed -- pages that don't have to load up Flash ads will load that much more quickly; and secondly, to be a significant security improvement for users.…
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5 steps to secure your Facebook login

You want a secure account; you deserve a secure account.  Getting one takes a little bit of effort but is worth it. 1. Set up double verification or "Login Approvals" (here).  This is where, if you log in to your account, FB will send you a text via text for you to type in to prove that…
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Win10’s Backup and Recovery tools

Win10 builds on features found in Win8 for the most part. File History - much overlooked.  It can let you rollback changes to files located in your Libraries (but nowhere else).  You can access it by going to Start..Run and typing "filehistory" Backup and Restore - introduced in Win7, it's still there. OneDrive - not…
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