You want a secure account; you deserve a secure account.  Getting one takes a little bit of effort but is worth it.

1. Set up double verification or "Login Approvals" (here).  This is where, if you log in to your account, FB will send you a text via text for you to type in to prove that you're you.

2. Set up a trusted contact.  A close friend or family member who can basically vouch for you should your account be compromised.  This is found in Settings...Security

3. Set up Login alerts.  When you (or someone else) logs in, FB will email or text you to notify you.

4. Don't fall for phishing and spam.  Emails asking you to "click here to log into your FB account" and so on will inevitably take you somewhere to steal your credentials.  Facebook's tips on phishing and spam.

5. Secure your Facebook mobile app.  This will also help prevent your friends from "hacking" you when you leave the room without your phone.  I use an app called "Smart AppLock" to add a pattern lock to the Facebook app.


Full article at Avast's blog

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