St Catharines Computer Repair

“ TLC for your PC ”

St Catharines Computer Repair, Virus Removal, Data Recovery

Located at 24 Berryman Avenue, St. Catharines.  (Click for map; Call for an appointment)

PROMPT CARE provides local service to Saint Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, and Beamsville … and all points in between.  We provide to St Catharines computer repairs, virus removal, and data recovery.  Need another service?  Just inquire.
PROMPT CARE has been serving the Niagara region since 2001. While a dozen little computer stores have come and gone, Prompt Care goes on.
What separates PROMPT CARE from the other PC repair companies in the region?

  • No jargon– Plain English.
  • No hardware sales.  A focus on service– No agenda to convince you to upgrade.
  • Remote computer repairs.   A remote connection with a trustworthy technician can be a boon to the computer owner.  Calls can be scheduled more time- and cost-effectively for both parties.  PROMPT CARE, for its maintenance calls, tends to schedule those in the evenings where you can be around but may have other things going on to which you may wish to pay more attention.

Sometimes it’s a challenge to find time in your day.  We understand.  Things happen in our households, too.   PROMPT CARE has been hard at work to find an option to make this easier and the solution:  Remote Care.  This lets you schedule a time for a repair outside of regular hours or just more convenient (based on distance/time) and, for certain customers with their approval, where you don’t even have to be home.  See our “Remote” page for full details.

Expertise without the confusing jargon — the goal is to educate the customer, not baffle them with one’s alleged brilliance. It’s important that a customer gets the gist of what’s going on at all times and what has happened so that they can try to prevent it in the future.  i.e. If a customer has no idea what harm spyware could do, there is little motivation to keep it off their system.

Our rates:

On-Site Pricing: $75 per hour On-site

Housecalls:  Our residential rate is a straight-forward $75/hour. The same rate is also offered to those running Small Office/Home Offices (businesses run out of one’s home).  On-site, there is a one hour minimum to cover time and travel.  Business customers rate is $95/hour on-site.

In-Shop Pricing: Most services w/flat fees.

Prompt Care: If you wish to save a little money, and it’s not an issue that needs to be resolved on-site (networking, printers, etc), you are more than welcome to bring your computer to us.  Most services have flat-fee rates based on the average time a job generally takes. See our “Services” page for more information.

“Remote Care” Pricing: $30 per half-hour or
Ongoing Maintenance (“Constant Care”) for just $10/month

Remote Care: Our third option that’s available to customers is Remote Care. If there’s no problem with your high-speed internet connection and it doesn’t seem to be a hardware issue, most things can be dealt with remotely! It’s as easy as it sounds – contact us and schedule your Remote TLC. It’s simple. Click here for more details. Billing for an Remote TLC is $30 for the first 30 minutes (which can save you money on simpler issues) and $15/15mins thereafter.

We also have a number of customers that sign up for our Constant Care program where we take care of updates, system safety and health checks, etc.  Click here for full details on how exhaustive this protection is.

Our final option for those who don’t feel the need for regular system health and safety monitoring would be our Weekly Care plan.  For just $59 per year, your system will receive the same regular updates and maintenance as our Constant Care customers.

Don’t accept anything less than genuine software.  Some “technicians” that you may find in online classifieds, etc. will offer you Windows fully installed for ridiculously low prices like $50.  That’s great until you find out it’s pirated and your system can not receive security updates or locks up altogether.  Get the real deal and not just the cheapest.