Weekly Care is now available

Proactive care is as important, if not more so, than repairs.

As an alternative to Constant Care, Prompt Care has introduced Weekly Care™.This exciting new computer watchdog works with your computer by performing regular maintenance, authorizing updates for both Windows and third-party softwares (e.g. Adobe Reader, Flash, etc.) Add in the Antivirus option and we bundle in extra security features as well.
Weekly Care
Price per year
$59 (~16¢ a day)
Frequency of Service
Basic Maintenance
(defrag, cleanup)
Windows Updates
Third-party Updates
(Flash, Java, etc)
Hard Drive Health Check
Antivirus Software (includes scanning)
System Health Checks
System Safety Checks
Antispyware Scans
(with purchased software)
Discount on any on-site labour 50px-RedX.svg[1]
Block browser-based exploits 50px-RedX.svg[1]
Add a program that attempts to block accidental installation of junkware/toolbars/etc. COMING SOON! 50px-RedX.svg[1]
Less-expensive “quick fix” remote jobs NEW! 15 minute min. billing if you opt for recurring credit-card billing
Items marked 50px-RedX.svg[1] ARE included in the Constant Care package.
Weekly Care is a great pro-active care for your PC.
The process takes places entirely behind the scenes so there’s no disruption whatsoever. Most maintenance and scans are schedule for Monday evenings but, if missed, will run at next opportunity. Updates will be applied in the background during that session. Billing is pre-paid annually.
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avast-business-solution-logo[1]Add world-class quality Avast for Business as a managed antivirus for only $40/yr. This highly-rated antivirus can be fully managed and includes updates, and reviews of scan results.
You can opt for Antivirus-only for $39/yr so you'd get the same AV as retail but with a certified technician reviewing your scan results for you! (Plus, we throw in the Hard Drive health check to keep an eye on the health of your drive)

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Regular, pro-active maintenance helps keep your computer healthier but, should the worst happen, Prompt Care has you covered.


* Only available with compatible antiviruses.
Antispyware scans require MalwareBytes AntiMalware Pro version installed.

Service Description
Junk File Cleanup Removal of the junk files that add up on a frequent basis.
Hard drive defragmentation Regularly scheduled defragmentation of your hard drive
Scheduled Software Updates Weekly updates for third-party software (Adobe Flash & Reader, Java, Firefox, Chrome, etc) to help keep your computer safer and more secure.
Physical Health Check Monitors for SMART disk alerts, checks if any disks have failed, and can even look for failed memory
Drive Space Consumption Check Checks whether the rate of growth on any drive exceeds your specified limit. This enables you to spot developing problems before they become critical.
Scheduled AntiSpyware Check** Check for bad-guys that are not, by definition, viruses and a secondary scan is always a good idea.
Windows Updates Keep your computer updated according to your chosen schedule. The more up-to-date your sytem is, the more secure it is.

Background action Constant Care™ works entirely behind the scenes – without disrupting your day