First off, I am not posting this to pick on anyone I know but, yes, a recent post of misinformed friend did make me think that this might be worth passing on:
There has been a fresh circulation of a legalese-sounding gobbledygook about how the user, by posting, is changing the terms of how the site (e.g. Facebook) is allowed to use their data. First off, it doesn't work that way -- we've all accepted FB's terms and conditions and we don't get to change them on a whim. If you no longer agree with their terms, you can stop using the service. That's it. Posting something to the contrary to your wall doesn't make it true.

One sample from the terms that gets posted:
"The violation of privacy can be punished by ...the Rome Statute"
Which sounds all fancy but the Rome Statute covers war crimes..not internet privacy. (wikipedia)

A funny, but accurate take on this hoax:

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