With the sole exception of video drivers if you're a gamer (and I don't mean Pogo.com or Solitaire; those require nothing fancy).  If you do play fancy games, you will already know what type of video card you have and you should know to only/always get your drivers right from its manufacture.

Software and websites that tell you your drivers are out of date might be right but that doesn't mean you need them.  Drivers are "liason" software that fill in the gap between a specific piece of hardware and Windows.

Here's an easy rule of thumb:  If they're telling you your mouse needs a new driver, have a chuckle and walk away.  A mouse is about as basic a device as you can have on your PC and should pretty much never need an update.

Driver "updaters" may try to install updated drivers and might sometimes succeed but they also have a bad reputation for failing miserably and making a grand mess of things (read: Blue Screen of Death errors).  They have an even worse reputation for installing more garbage software on your system.  Even if they don't do that, they'll try to convince you to pay around $30 for their (iffy) software.  EVEN IF YOU PAY, there are some updaters that have reviews which state that you'll then get a scam 'tech support' phone call where "for a few hundred dollars", they can fix your PC problems.  This is just like the "I'm calling from Microsoft" scam calls but, in this case, it's coming from a company that already knows you're willing to part with your money for little reason.   So don't.

For the record, when a PC is on the workbench, I will often update drivers for you.  It's not always necessary but I know that sometimes things have never been updated and, under supervision (and using an updater that I trust), it's something I do.

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