Solutions for you and your PC


Constant Care

A service we offer that leaves a little piece of software that sits quietly in the background of your system and periodically checks that key Windows services are running fine.  It also tries to keep an eye on the health of your hard drive and does updates 3x a week of Windows and other softwares that can affect your system security (Java, Flash, etc).  It also will do maintenance once a week.  All completely behind the scenes!


Weekly Care

The "little brother" to Constant Care, it doesn't offer monitoring but still provides many important features.  This little guy will provide weekly checks to Windows and other softwares and weekly maintenance as well.


Protect your Online Privacy

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Software Sales

Prompt Care does no hardware sales  so you can trust that when we say your hard drive needs replacing that we're not looking to move some stock.

However, after a plague of infections in 2011, we began selling antivirus and antimalware softwares.