We've all probably been reminded of the importance of having emergency contacts on our phones and it's a good time to remind ourselves.

  • Don't list your contacts by nicknames ("Honey") although "Mom/Dad/Wife" can be helpful to show a relationship, especially if you've given a phone to your children.
  • "Doctor" -- don't forget the obvious.
  • If you don't wear a MedicAlert bracelet, consider adding notes to your Doctor's entry that could help emergency crews.
  • Most Android phones allow for text to be added to the lockscreen.  An ICE contact would be a good place for this info.
  • I keep a locksmith's number on my phone.  Sure, I could google it on my smartphone but I've saved a little time by planning ahead.
  • Insurance companies (with the Policy# in the notes section); veterinarian or after-hours clinic; credit card companies (to report lost/stolen cards ASAP)

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