Many people might not know what "top level domains" (TLD) are but they'll recognize them.  It's the ".com" in a web address ... or the .ca,, .de and so on.  The best known ones are the .com/.net/.org followed by the country-based codes.  But, in the last year, they've added a bunch more.  I've got "" ... just because.

Cutting to the quick, they compared disreputable internet traffic with the new extensions and some did not fare very well:

  1. .zip (100.00%)
  2. .review (100.00%)
  3. .country (99.97%)
  4. .kim (99.74%)
  5. .cricket (99.57%)
  6. .science (99.35%)
  7. .work (98.20%)
  8.  .party (98.07%)
  9. .gq (97.68%)
  10. .link (96.98%)

that's not to say that everyone of them is bad but, if you get an email or Facebook posting with one of these.... think twice before clicking.


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