This is a good read - I recommend it to all.  HERE is the original article.  The comments below each of their points on this page are mine.

Habit #1:  Think before you click.

Believe it or not, "common sense" is the most powerful security you can put into place.  My next post will cover this in a lot more detail.

Habit #2:  Use HTTPS where it matters.

That "S" at the end means "secure".  It makes for a safer connection (and usually loads faster).  Just about every major site that involves a login should support an HTTPS option.  Most will switch over at the login page itself (because switching after you've sent your password is not very secure).

Habit #3:  Don’t memorize passwords.  Manage them.

You shouldn't be using the same passwords for everything but a separate password for everything is burdensome.  Most browsers offer to save your passwords and that's very handy but a lot of people, in my experience, don't seem to take advantage of these kind of options.

Habit #4:  Use 2FA all day, every day.

Good sites will offer Two-Factor Authentication.  This is where a site will text you a code to be entered as a second step to logging in.  Might seem a little inconvenient but it's a heckuva lot more secure - a hacker would have to have figured out your password and have your phone in his/her possession.

Habit #5:  Know when to VPN.

This may seem beyond most people but a VPN is just a very secure connection through which you do the rest of your stuff.  Imagine being on vacation in Mexico and using your laptop on the hotel's possibly-suspect wifi, making a single secure connection to your home PC and then doing all your banking.  Prompt Care offers VPN solutions.

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