Virus removal allows for the repair of damage caused by adware, dialers, keystroke loggers. malicious browser add-ons, ransomware, rootkits, spyware, trojans and worms.

With years of experience (and a rather macabre joy of hunting these things down), we can get rid of the virus in good time but Prompt Care doesn't stop there.  We throw hours of extra scans at it to guarantee we didn't miss anything.  We don't just get the beast out of your system, we sweep up every hair it dropped while in there.

And still, we continue -- some viruses do damage to Windows so we run a few programs to repair and reset hundreds of settings back to their defaults.

When that's done, we do a thorough cleanup of the system and, after that, update your third-party programs (e.g. Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, etc.) and bring Windows as current as possible ... all to try to help minimize your chance of reinfection.

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