Constant Care is now available

Proactive care is as important, if not more so, than repairs.

Due to the success of our proactive quarterly computer care system, Prompt Care has introduced Constant Care™; this exciting new computer watchdog works with your computer sending reports if something goes wrong. Daily checks are performed on your computer so you get notified sooner rather than later. Constant Care™ checks your system safety and health, authorizes updates, tends to basic maintenance, keeps an eye on your antivirus and running scans.

Less-expensive “quick fix” remote jobs:  15 minute min. billing if you opt for recurring credit-card billing

NEW!   30-minute pre-paid packages (6x 5min) for even more cost-efficient service.

Constant Care
Price per month
$10 (~33¢ a day)
Frequency of Service
Regular (Generally, every day)
Basic Maintenance
(defrag, cleanup)
Windows Updates
Third-party Updates
(Flash, Java, etc)
Hard Drive Health Check
System Health Checks
Discount on any on-site labour 15%
Block browser-based exploits greencheckmark.jpg
Add a program that attempts to block accidental installation of junkware/toolbars/etc. greencheckmark.jpg
Priority Callbacks (calls/emails returned before non-subscribing clients) greencheckmark.jpg
Constant Care is your best pro-active care available.
The process takes places entirely behind the scenes so there’s no disruption whatsoever. Most maintenance and scans are schedule for Monday evenings but, if missed, will run at next opportunity. Updates will be applied in the background as they become available so their background installation may happen at any time. Billing is pre-paid quarterly.
NOTE While we could force the computer to restart itself after updates, we know that people keep different schedules so don't want to risk interrupting their lives SO we suggest that everybody manually restart their computers (not just a shutdown) once a week.

Antivirus Pattern File: Checks that the antivirus is running on the most up to date version to ensure you are always protected. If not an alert is generated and your client portal is highlighted.
Critical Events Check & Reports: Alerts us in the event of any critical events occurring so that we can act fast to fix potential problems.
Scheduled Software Updates: Updates for third-party software (Adobe Flash & Reader, Java, Firefox, Chrome, etc) to help keep your computer safer and more secure.
Drive Space Consumption Check: Checks whether the rate of growth on any drive exceeds your specified limit. This enables you to spot developing problems before they become critical.
Hard Drive Health Check: Monitors for SMART disk alerts, checks if any disks have failed, and can even look for failed memory
Junk File Cleanup: Removal of the junk files that add up on a frequent basis.
Hard drive defragmentation: Regularly scheduled defragmentation of your hard drive
Windows Updates: Keep your computer updated according to your chosen schedule. The more up-to-date your sytem is, the more secure it is.
Background action:  Constant Care™ works entirely behind the scenes – without disrupting your day!

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Regular, pro-active maintenance helps keep your computer healthier but, should the worst happen, Prompt Care has you covered.