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Download sites and “awards”

Next time you're thinking about downloading software and are swayed because it has won awards, remember this.... (Not gonna click? A fellow wrote a program called "AwardMeStars" that does nothing whatsoever and it won awards)
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MS Security Essentials antivirus missed 39% of viruses.

If you've been running Microsoft Security Essentials as your antivirus, you should absolutely replace it. MS has so much as said they plan their AV to be a bare minimum and not much else. When it was new, it was testing very well but has been slipping consistently. I used to be an advocate of…
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Sympatico modem/routers having issues with power adapter

I was in the Bell store this week swapping out my phone. While in there, I overheard one of the staff telling a customer that there has been a known issue with the Sympatico modem/router's power adapters. I asked her after about this and she's been swapping about 30 a day over this problem. SO,…
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